The Payment Group

The Payment Group Keeps Ticket Management Simple

Secure, simple, and smart. The Payment Group makes ticket payment easy

For years, municipalities have provided invoicing, bill collection, and ticket payments, but fell short in technical innovation. Recognizing the digital transformation taking place in today’s world, the Complus Group developed a streamlined approach to payment processing – easing the minds of municipalities and citizens alike.

Citizen Convenience

The Payment Group offers a convenient way for citizens to pay tickets and residential bills all through a simple online platform. Say goodbye to crowded city halls and bothersome scheduling times. With The Payment Group’s user-friendly payment solution, residents no longer need to take time out of their busy work day. With us, it’s all about convenience.

At a competitive, low convenience fee – just a small percentage of each transaction value – customers can take the stress out of their ticket payment and get back to their daily lives. Just sit down at your desktop or pick up your mobile device to complete your transaction. There’s no line when you’re online.

Cohesive Integration

The Payment Group solution can be used as an integrated or non-integrated system within your municipality. End-users appreciate a versatile means of payment – it’s our goal to help them pay comfortably. Our software is simply integrated into court managemvent software and managed by our provided in-house IT support. And the best part? Every transaction is processed free of charge to each of our municipality clients. Each processed payment clears within 24 hours, and the designated township receives 100% of the payment. Your municipal building experiences reduced interruptions, while increasing the rate of timely payments.

Helpful Customer Support

Complus understands that some issued tickets require a deeper level of attention, and citizens don’t always feel comfortable paying virtually. For such instances, The Payment Group also has a full, Dallas-based call center integrated into our services. For customer processing questions or warrant and ticket handling assistance, contact our dedicated support team. Our professional, courteous and knowledgeable customer representatives are eager to take your call at 800-444-1187.

For fast, reliable payments contact The Payment Group. Fines are processed online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When it comes to city support, efficiency is key. The Payment Group can get you there. To learn more about how The Payment Group can assist your municipality processes, reach out to our team.