Success Story: Thousand Oaks, CA


The City of Thousand Oaks was struggling with inefficiencies in its parking citation program. These inefficiencies caused additional work for staff members, frustration from those who received citations, untimely revenue collections, and the inability to easily utilize data for analytical purposes.

Results with Complus:

Since going live with Complus and employing enforcement technology, there has been a significant decrease in ticket issuance errors, and thus the number of phone calls from concerned vehicle owners getting a notice for a ticket that was not intended for their vehicle. The photos taken with the citations help to easily identify if an error was made and also assist with those who are looking to dispute the citation. They have the opportunity to view the photos online prior to submitting an appeal.

About half of the payments for citations are now paid either online or over the phone. Not only has this created convenience for the customer, but it has also saved about one to two hours per week in staff time. Customers can appeal their citations online as well as view photos of the violation.

With the use of the handheld devices, citations are in the database within 24 hours. For citations that are paid, the average payment time went from 35 days prior to Complus and is now averaging 10 days.

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