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Our Business Model – No Upfront Costs

Municipalities continue to face budget crunches, staff reductions and cutbacks of essential services. Local governments nationwide are looking for new ways to cut costs and increase revenue, while still offering the same essential services such as on-street parking. Complus has been providing our no upfront cost solution for 25 years. Our business model makes even more fiscal sense today then it did when we signed our first contract in 1986.

With our unique business model, clients are able to enjoy the benefits of having the newest parking enforcement technology and parking ticket management services without the significant upfront investment for both hardware and software. Many software companies offer a “parking module” as part of their financial or court management software. This is simply another way to track tickets but offers no real benefit to revenue generation or collection efforts.

Stay Ahead of Parking Enforcement Technology

The saying goes, as soon as you buy a new laptop or electronic device—it’s already obsolete! Many municipalities are stuck in a never ending cycle of both initial and recurring costs as they buy new technology and then have to pay significant fees to maintain and upgrade equipment and software. That’s the old way of operating! Complus provides all of the parking enforcement technology including handheld ticket writers at no up front cost and offers to replace the handhelds every 36 months for the life of the contract. Complus ensures that you’ll never be stuck with obsolete or unsupported technology again.

Instead of trying to plan for annual maintenance, support and training costs, Complus absorbs all of the recurring costs for maintaining the hardware and software—and our clients retain the vast majority of the revenue. As partners, we look to help you maximize revenue collection while keeping our fees low and uniform during the term of our contract.

Outsource Services to Complus

In addition to our standard offering of handheld ticket writers, tracking software, DMV lookups and collections, we can also help lower operating costs by taking on some of the cost-prohibitive and/or labor intensive tasks such as:

  • Payment processing services
  • Data entry of paper tickets
  • Phone and written correspondence to violators/customers
  • Web-based and phone-based payment services
  • Online parking ticket appeals
  • Online parking permit sales
  • Enforcement personnel (through our strategic partnerships)
  • Customer Service personnel (through our strategic partnerships)

Depending on your needs, our services can help your staff get back to their core job responsibilities. Your revenue will increase as we help you collect more backlogged and newly issued parking tickets using our 25 years of expertise in parking ticket collections. In many cases, the parking ticket revenue increase more than pays for our system.

The Benefits of a Public/Private Partnership

  Complus Business Model Hardware and Software Purchase
Up Front Investment None Significant
Annual Maintenance None Recurring, unknown fees
Training Unlimited. No additional cost Recurring, unknown fees
Support Unlimited. No additional cost Recurring, unknown fees
Handheld Upgrades New handhelds provided every 36 months at no additional cost Significant reinvestment. Enforcement downtime as equipment ages. Lack of support if new handhelds not purchased.
Software Upgrades Upgrades provided at no additional cost as new versions become available Significant reinvestment. Lack of support if upgrade not purchased.
DMV Lookups Direct, Nationwide. Unlimited at no additional cost Not available with most purchased solutions. Extra fee for the service when available.
Outdated information from 3rd party lists.
Web-Based Payments Included at no additional cost. Extra fee to provide.
All-Inclusive Services Yes. Parking enforcement technology, parking ticket processing and related services is all that we do. Just hardware/software.

Municipal Success Story

Here is a case study from one of our municipal clients. This City had previously paid for handhelds and software before switching to our system:

2009 (with previous vendor)
$2.3 million collected

2010 (first year with Complus)
$4 million collected

That represents a 74% increase in parking ticket revenue. Our percentage fees are a fraction of their increase—so our system has not only been self-funding but this City has generated significant revenue without increasing their ticket volume or adding more parking enforcement officers. Before you upgrade your current system or pay for another annual maintenance contract—talk to us about how our unique business model can benefit you!

Parking Management Partners

We have partnered with the industry’s most respected management companies to provide an end-to-end solution for municipalities looking for strategic partnerships to manage their entire parking operation. While Complus provides the back end ticket processing services and technology, our partners can provide the day to day planning and management of your operations as well as staff to handle parking enforcement, customer service and maintenance duties.

Standard Parking SP Plus® Municipal Services

Standard Parking Corporation (NASDAQ:STAN), is the country’s largest provider of parking management services, helping managers and owners protect the value of their properties and maximize current returns through the professional operation of parking facilities.  Our mission is simple: to achieve our clients’ goals through excellence, innovation and integrity.

As a public company subject to the requirements of the SEC Act of 1934 and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, Standard Parking adheres to strict accounting, internal control and reporting standards that are far more rigorous than those followed by our non-public competitors.

Standard Parking and its assorted SP Plus® operating divisions offer a comprehensive menu of parking management, parking enforcement, valet and consulting services to owners, managers and developers of office buildings, mixed-use and retail centers, hospitals and medical centers, colleges and universities, municipal facilities, sports and entertainment venues, residential buildings, hotels and airports.  Our service platform incorporates the expertise of SP Plus® Transportation, which manages a nationwide fleet of hundreds of shuttle vehicles that transport more than 20 million passengers per year, and SP Plus® Maintenance, which offers a complete line of preventative and restorative services to upkeep the parking facilities in pristine condition.

A Self-Funding System

According to The International Parking Institute, the average municipal parking ticket collection rate is 70%. Complus clients currently average a 91.5% collection rate.

Potential Increases in Parking Ticket Revenue

Below are two conservative examples citing the potential revenue increases that Complus clients achieve during a 3 year contract. In both examples, an increase in the parking ticket collection rate of 20% represents significant additional revenue.

City A issues approximately 50,000 parking tickets annually
Average ticket paid (original fine plus penalty) amount is $35

Tickets Issued Annually Tickets Paid Annually Collection Rate Revenue Collected
50,000 35,000 70% $1,225,000
50,000 45,000 90% $1,575,000
Additional Annual Revenue: $350,000
3 year Increase: $1,050,000

City B issues approximately 100,000 parking tickets annually
Average ticket paid (original fine plus penalty) amount is $40

Tickets Issued Annually Tickets Paid Annually Collection Rate Revenue Collected
100,000 70,000 70% $2,800,000
100,000 90,000 90% $3,600,000
Additional Annual Revenue: $800,000
3 Year Increase: $2,400,000

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