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Parking ticket printers and handheld ticket writers are the latest in parking enforcement equipment and technology

Handheld Parking Enforcement Equipment

CDI’s handheld ticket writers are lightweight, single-piece devices with attached printers to enable parking enforcement officers to “write” their tickets on the handheld computer and have the tickets printed at the scene. The printed tickets are legible, durable, weather-proof, and most importantly – accurate.

Eliminate lost revenue from illegible handwriting.

Up to 10% of handwritten tickets are thrown out of court due to illegible handwriting or improperly written citations. With CDI handheld ticket writers, you’ll have a significant reduction in tickets dismissed due to errors.

CDI ensures ticket writer accuracy by installing a custom interface, specific to your municipality, college, university, or airport, which enables the officer to simply select the appropriate citation information from the drop-down menu, eliminating data entry errors. The handheld computers have a memory capability of thousands of citations and, without any loss of data, will transfer information from the handheld to the FastTrack™ system where you can instantly view your reports and ticketing information. With these capabilities, the handheld parking ticket printers result in substantial error reduction, increased enforcement of towing and booting laws, and overall increased productivity in the field and in your office.

Durable, lightweight, all-weather handheld ticket printers.

Our handhelds, weighing less than 2lbs, provide parking enforcement officers with increased mobility and eliminate the need to carry separate devices, such as portable printers. We can supply thermal paper tickets that will not rip, tear or smudge in any weather, but that’s only one of the qualities making this an all-weather, durable machine. The rugged, reliable handheld has a splash protector and a backlit keyboard for improved visibility and clarity in all usage situations.

Barcode scanners and image capture capabilities.

Our handhelds can be equipped with an imaging capability that enables officers to scan a barcode on permits, meters, or even vehicle registration. The image capture also allows an image of the vehicle (with registration, locations, etc) to be stored on your PC. This is valuable for situations in which the violator protests the ticket.

Guaranteed Handheld Equipment Replacement

CDI provides complete on-site training and re-training plus ongoing maintenance and repair of our parking enforcement equipment. Under our guaranteed Handheld Replacement Policy we guarantee all handhelds will be replaced and upgraded every 36 months to keep your parking enforcement officers working with state-of-the-art equipment.

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