Online Payment & Permit Services

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Online Payments and Appeals

Along with all the standard payment methods, CDI’s pay-by-web feature allows violators to view and pay or appeal their outstanding tickets with an easy, secure online payment or appeal form. With this web-based service, you have the option to allow your violators to select individual tickets for payment or require them to pay all tickets at once. This feature is integrated with the CDI FastTrack™ system so that as web transactions are processed, FastTrack™ is updated in real-time, which means your staff has no processing or paperwork to complete. The system is secured with the latest encryption technology and offers a quick and easy solution for processing violation payments. Online appeals are put on hold in the system so no further escalation or notice is done. Violators can also upload supporting documentation and enter an email address for information on the appeal.

Phone-Based Payments

The phone-based option permits a violator to call a dedicated toll-free number that interfaces with the FastTrack™ system in real-time. After providing the appropriate citation information, the phone-based system will instruct the violator on completing the transaction. Violators can pay their ticket(s) right over the phone, around-the-clock, with no processing or paperwork required by your staff.

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