TicketView Parking Ticket Digital Imaging and Archiving

Scanning your inventory of parking tickets and storing them as digital images in an electronic archive saves time and money involved with paper storage. Build a permanent archive of tickets and correspondence in a fraction of the office space.

Access contested tickets faster and more efficiently

CDI’s TicketView Imaging service lets your staff view digital images of handwritten parking tickets and other documents like violator correspondence, checks and postmarked envelopes. Authorized users access images of the original tickets on screen, then zoom, rotate or print the images as necessary… especially helpful when tickets are contested or DMV lookups return a “no hit.” Put your tickets and related documentation at your users’ fingertips whether they’re across the hall or across town.

Benefits of digital parking ticket archiving:

  • Free up storage space
  • Reduce physical storage costs
  • Easier access to handwritten records for contested and unpaid tickets
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