Rich and robust key features

FastTrack™ is full of robust features that separate our software from the rest. Your staff can run inquiries by ticket number, plate number, violator name and/or driver’s license number. In addition FastTrack™ lets you:

  • Establish different levels of user privileges via User IDs and passwords
  • Instantly view an audit trail for every entry or update
  • Track computer-generated holds and correspondence
  • View a digital scanned image of the original parking ticket using TicketView
  • Use a barcode scanner to expedite inquiries and payment processing
  • Perform cashiering, print receipts, and validate checks and tickets
  • Access and manage tow & boot files

Ticket detail and history features

With FastTrack™, authorized staff can view images of the actual ticket and display all history and correspondence online via the ticket detail and history features. FastTrack™ will help you manage correspondence, hearing and permit processing, all tied together by vehicle license plate. FastTrack™ is the one comprehensive system to handle all of your parking ticket processing needs.

Automated delinquent noticing

With over 200 customers Nationwide each with its own noticing requirements, CDI is an expert in designing effective delinquent notices that produce positive collection results. CDI provides US Postal Service certification for first-class presort mailings and our noticing system is fully automated which requires no checking, sorting, or reviewing on the part of your staff. Notices will go out when you want, as often as you want with no effort on your part. You have full approval of the content and format of your notices.

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