Industry Leading DMV Lookup & Search Capabilities

Direct DMV search access is available only with FastTrack™ DMV parking tickets integration

Out of state shouldn’t mean out of reach. With CDI’s industry-leading DMV Search capabilities, parking violators can be tracked down more effectively, resulting in more paid parking tickets and higher revenue for your municipality, college, university or airport. This service is also an effective way to address backlogged unpaid tickets, allowing you to recoup revenue once “given up” as uncollectible. CDI has direct relationships with state DMV agencies. We will send name and address requests nationwide including the District of Columbia.

Registration retrieval service is included in the system at no extra charge

The DMV lookup program is a core part of our ongoing overall service, not a costly add-on or a one-time program. Our Nationwide DMV search capabilites are the single most crucial component that results in collection rates as high as 96%. CDI will also cover all state-imposed inquiry fees in one lump sum price to ensure a complete, hassle-free Parking Ticket Management solution. You get fast, reliable information so you can focus on collecting revenue instead of searching for out-of-state violators.

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