Parking Ticket Database Auditing and Reporting

Thorough Reporting Capability

FastTrack™ comes with a wide array of reports for you to review on your computer or print on site. We also archive these results every month to CD for audit trail and recovery purposes. Clients appreciate being able to track their outstanding ticket balances with an Ageing of Accounts Receivable report. Get daily and monthly breakdowns of ticket issuance, by officer, by violation and by location. After a day’s worth of payment processing, operators can print their daily payment reports and close out an end-of-day batch. Officers may use “Heavy Hitters” or “Be on the Lookout” reports to track flagrant violators. In addition to daily and monthly reports, CDI provides ad-hoc reports to clients as needed.

Complete Audit Trails

Reports not only monitor status of parking ticket issuance and collections, but also give you insight into system users. You’ll have access to audit trail data on all transactions by user, thanks to individualized user IDs and passwords. Administrator control, oversight and security restrictions are in place by PC and by user as required. You are in control of who on your staff gets access to what information.

Benefits of Auditing and Reporting:

  • Track unpaid ticket balances with an Ageing of Accounts Receivable report
  • Daily and monthly summaries of ticket issuance, by officer, violation and location
  • Custom reports available as needed
  • Control access to information by individual staffers
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