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A commitment to service and long lasting relationships with our clients

Outsourced Payment Processing

Reduce your workload with CDI’s optional payment processing services. Violation payments can be forwarded to our processing center in Tarrytown, NY where our staff performs all payment processing functions and deposits the funds into your bank account within 24 hours of receipt. Payments are updated in the FastTrack™ system real-time as they are posted through our cashiers’ workstations. A daily report of the day’s receipts is prepared and transmitted to your organization’s Parking Administrator for review.

Because your staff’s manual process is replaced by our in-house staff, payments are entered faster and more accurately. Payments that are sent to the CDI processing center are entered into the FastTrack™ system on the same day they arrive and money is deposited into your account daily. If you already use a lockbox service, CDI can arrange with your banking institution to design an interface to apply lockbox payments directly to your agency’s ticket file.

CDI has a system of checks and balances in place, combined with an experienced full-time staff, to ensure that payments are processed accurately. Our payment processing staff is consistently monitored for quality assurance purposes.

Violator Help Line

When violators have questions, we can help you give them answers. CDI offers an optional, dedicated, customized toll-free call center for violators to get answers to basic questions about tickets, delinquent notices or appeal options. CDI works with your staff to design scripted responses to the most commonly asked questions. The Violator Help Line reduces your incoming call volume and frees your staff from repetitive tasks. Violators get the help they need while ensuring a positive public image.

CDI Signature Service puts the best in the business at your service

Training and Customer Support
Some companies just sell systems. Service is our product! We offer the experience, expertise and customer service to make the latest technology work for you. We understand that each client has unique requirements so we customize our solution to your own individual needs. And we’ll advise and support your team every step of the way. We call it Signature Service and we back it up with around-the-clock on-call availability.

When you choose CDI, you are choosing a resource that is completely dedicated and thoroughly experienced in making your Parking Ticket Management operation easier, more efficient, and more productive… while freeing up management and staff to handle other important tasks. You and your staff can focus on your core job responsibilities… while CDI automates your parking ticket application.

Training Services

In order to maximize the most powerful Parking Ticket Management solution in the world, your staff needs to be well-trained. With CDI you receive initial and ongoing support for your staff, including on-site training and retraining, as a standard part of our Signature Service philosophy. Your team will get up to speed and on their way in no time. If for some reason you run into unfamiliar territory, we’re here to help.

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