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The latest way to accurately and efficiently scan license plates throughout your municipality

Revolutionary technology has transformed the parking enforcement industry. And now, Complus Data Innovations is taking it one step further. Our Handheld Mobile License Plate System brings immediate accuracy to the hands of Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO) – at a cost unmatched by any other. At the scan of a plate, a wealth of knowledge is made instantly available to officers, giving them ample information to form an accurate ticketing decision.

How It Works:

Complus’s handheld mobile parking enforcement solution uses license plate recognition technology to read plates digitally. Municipal officers can freely walk the streets or public parking lots and easily scan license plates without the need for manual input. Gone are the days of inaccurate plate scans due to human error or inefficient performance times. Our cameras harness the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to read plates accurately and efficiently.

As an officer scans parked license plates, OCR instantly checks all municipal files and enforcement lists to identify if a car is legitimately parked, has a ticket record, or any other relevant links to the vehicle. Our technology can identify whether or not a car has a parking permit, has paid time with a meter or pay-by-phone app, or is eligible for a boot or towing. When a plate matches a file, there is an immediate screen message followed by a verbal queue, directing the officer that the vehicle has been flagged as illegally parked. The officer is then able to make an accurate decision to ticket the car.

Accurate Solutions:

An experimental trial run showed that our revolutionary license plate scanning technology improved enforcement time by an average of 13% compared to traditional methods.

An experienced PEO walked the same street as one of our employees, scanning cars for proper parking execution. The officer used traditional self-input methods to check a car’s parking legitimacy, while our team used Complus Data Innovation’s Handheld Mobile License Plate System. Our solution was able to scan, read, and identify illegitimately parked cars at superior accuracy and a faster rate than the current parking enforcement systems.

In today’s world, accuracy and timing are everything. If you are not staying ahead of the digital game, you are falling behind. With faster input and processing times, municipalities can accurately and efficiently service their city. Our parking enforcement solutions track parking permits and frequency of tickets, then link this information to any other providers to ensure proper parking payment. With Complus Data Innovation’s help, you can ensure your town remains safe and regulated through superior license plate recognition technology at an affordable cost.

Contact Complus today to learn how to integrate our Handheld Mobile License Plate feature into your parking ticket management system.   As a Complus client, all training on the new system is included with your cost.

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