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Client: White Plains, NY

White Plains is one of the largest cities in Westchester County, NY where officials take parking enforcement very seriously.

The City of White Plains, NY contracted with CDI in 1999 when officials realized that parking violators often didn’t pay.  Like most cities, White Plains did not have a way to easily obtain names and addresses for violators in the 50 states.  So officials decided to work with a vendor who could provide this information.

As with all clients, White Plains needed a comprehensive plan for reaching out to delinquent violators.  CDI provided handheld devices that would allow for the tracking of scofflaws and tow-eligible vehicles.  CDI also began tracking down violators through our direct DMV access program.  A delinquent notice schedule was immediately put into effect- one of the simplest ways to encourage payment is to notify violators that payment is due.

The results speak for themselves.  The City has benefited from incredibly high collection rates each year, consistently over 90%, since contracting with CDI.  There has been a dramatic increase in revenue generated by parking ticket collections.

Client: Athens, OH

Athens, OH recently came to CDI because parking collections had been consistently low and the City wanted to better regulate their Parking Ticket Management.  CDI has been working with the City since July 2005.

Athens wanted to be aggressive, for the first time, in collecting on backlogged and current delinquent parking violations.  City officials wanted to ensure that violators know tickets must be paid or there will be consequences.

CDI has a history of increasing parking revenue and collections.  This can be attributed to many aspects of the FastTrack™ program.  We offered the following to the City of Athens:

  • Direct DMV Access to reach in-state and out-of-state violators.
  • Regular, frequent delinquent noticing.
  • Handheld ticket writers to reduce officer error.
  • An automated system to bar frequent violators from registering their vehicles with the state.
  • A comprehensive parking ticket software package to manage the process.

Parking revenue at the City of Athens increased by 250% from the first full month with CDI, August 2005, to March 2006.

CDI is confident that you will see dramatic results as well.  Send us an email or call us.  We will be happy to explain how CDI can make a difference in your Parking Ticket Management operation.

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We will be happy to explain how CDI can make a difference in your Parking Ticket Management. With the CDI solution, we are confident that you will see dramatic results.

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