Here’s What Happens If You Never Pay A Ticket

Finding the perfect parking space can quickly turn into a chore. Too often, the struggle forces individuals to make parking decisions that aren’t always a smart choice. Plenty of drivers have returned to their vehicle after an evening of entertainment or a day of shopping only to discover a parking ticket tucked neatly under their windshield wiper. While it may be tempting to let it float into the wind, if you never pay a ticket, this will lead to bigger problems down the road.

What Happens if You Never Pay a Ticket?

If you are tempted to ignore a parking ticket, make sure you know what you are in for. Here are five consequences of not paying your parking tickets.

Increasing ticket costs.

On average, the majority of parking tickets cost $25. Depending on the municipality, if you choose not to pay a ticket, this affordable fine can quickly skyrocket in cost. In most cases, penalties may increase in 30, 60, and 90-day increments, even reaching as high as $1,000.

Potential court appearance.

If you never pay a ticket, the local court can send a notice summoning you to appear in traffic court. Once it gets to this point, it is a good idea to pay the fine and avoid having your failure to pay made public. If not paid, a judge may decide to issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Damage to credit score.

Just as with other unpaid bills, fines from tickets can be sent to a collections agency to seek reimbursement on behalf of the city or municipality. Failing to pay after it reaches a collections agency directly impacts your credit score, and the unpaid fine is marked on your credit record for at least seven years as a result.

Potential to have your car towed.

Failing to pay a parking ticket can also result in the municipality putting a request out to tow or boot your vehicle. To retrieve it, drivers are required to submit the payment in full, including any late fees, before the vehicle is released.

Licenses can be revoked.

In the end, if you never pay a ticket, some states will suspend your driver’s license. If driving is a necessary activity for your lifestyle or profession, paying the $25 ticket, in the beginning, is probably the best choice.

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