How Multi-Space Pay Stations Can Improve Your Site

Over the past few decades, advancements in technology have adapted our expectations in many areas, leading to more innovative solutions. When it comes to parking management, many venues and municipalities have started to embrace technology by replacing traditional parking meters with multi-space pay stations. While multi-space pay stations have been available in the United States for twenty years, adoption rates continue to rise.

Benefits of a Multi-Space Pay Station

When these new systems are implemented correctly, they can offer many advantages to both municipalities and drivers.

Flexible payment options.

Most individuals no longer carry change and don’t think about having any until they are ready to park in a paid space. Multi-space pay stations allow drivers to pay by cash, credit card, or debit card.

More revenue for the site.

Since drivers have multiple options on how to pay, they are less likely to leave the parking site and look for free parking or another option that accepts other methods of payment. Multi-space pay stations also allow drivers to extend their time from any linked station in the area. In addition, drivers are no longer able to “piggyback” on what was already paid in the meter by previous individuals. The amount spent is directly linked to the license plate.

Additional revenue can significantly increase the cash flow for a community and its venues, especially during high-traffic hours.

Less maintenance.

There is less maintenance involved in maintaining a multi-space pay station than parking meters. Parking meters typically have to be individually checked throughout the year to assure they are in working order, which requires resources and time. In many areas, parking meters are outdated, and reparations are no longer an option, often resulting in full replacement instead. Multi-space pay stations automatically send alerts if something is wrong with the kiosk, allowing venues to only focus on maintenance when necessary.

Implement multiple rate types.

Depending on the parking site, there may be a need for charging multiple types of pay rates, including standard rates, special event, daily, and even tenant rates. If the parking site is using parking meters, different rates have to be handled manually. Tenants or daily parkers need to apply for parking passes personally. When there is a special event, venues have to hire individuals to take payment upon entry to the parking area.

With a multi-space pay station, these rates can be entered in the system, allowing patrons to select their parking type. Special event rates can be pre-scheduled to change at a designated day and time.

Real-time data availability.

There is an endless supply of real-time data available that makes it easier to enforce parking rules and recognize ticket violators. Parking managers may also identify trends in prominent parking times, repeat violators, and determine if they need to implement rate changes at all.

More aesthetically pleasing.

Installing multi-space pay stations are more pleasing to the eye because it cuts down on clutter in the parking area.

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