6 Benefits of CDI Ticket Writers

Proper parking enforcement is necessary to maintain a structured parking system. Whether your community relies on law enforcement to monitor parking or has a dedicated team for parking management, writing tickets by hand is a mundane and time-consuming task. Electronic ticket writers, such as the CDI ticket writer, can simplify ticket production and offer numerous benefits to parking management offices.

What is a CDI Ticket Writer?

A CDI ticket writer is a handheld electronic device that allows parking officers to ticket parking violators. Instead of handwriting the tickets, information is entered into the device where the ticket is printed out automatically.

Benefits of CDI Ticket Writers

Improved situational awareness.

When parking enforcement is focused on handwriting tickets, they are not fully aware of their surroundings. In busy areas, a lack of focus can increase their risk of being injured by a vehicle, if the driver isn’t paying attention or unaware of their presence.

More efficient.

Every organization is looking for ways to increase efficiency, and CDI ticket writers are beneficial for this reason. Instead of having to write information onto a ticket manually, parking officials can enter information via the handheld device along with pictures of the license plate and vehicle.

Improved compliance.

Not everybody has great handwriting, and occasionally illegible handwriting can cause tickets to get overturned in court. By using a CDI writer, all of the details are legible every time, greatly decreasing the number of tickets getting overturned.

Fewer resources required.

Traditionally, parking tickets have been handwritten and then manually entered into a computer system by another individual. When you use a CDI ticket writer, the information is automatically added to the office database, which means office personnel can focus on other important tasks instead.

Accept online payments.

Instead of waiting for checks to arrive or violators to pay their ticket in person, transitioning to an electronic system means municipalities are able to accept payments online.

Track and hold violators accountable.

There is a reduced chance that a record of a ticket will get lost during processing. By having a database with real-time information, parking management personnel can easily review outstanding tickets.

If your municipality is struggling with parking management, using a CDI ticket writer may just be the solution you’re looking for. Contact Complus Data Innovations today for more information at 914-747-1200.