Ticket for Parking on a Sidewalk: Are You In The Know?

Learning how to manage drivers parking on the sidewalk is a must for municipalities. An increase in sidewalk parking could mean that the parking structure needs to be reviewed and updated. However, it could also mean that drivers know they won’t get a ticket for parking on the sidewalk and make a choice to speed up their day. Cities and municipalities need to create a ticketing procedure for parking on the sidewalk and hold drivers accountable for their actions.

Reasons to Ticket for Parking on a Sidewalk

If your city or municipality has been lax for ticketing sidewalk parkers, review these four reasons why you need a better strategy.

  1. Safety concerns.
    Vehicles parked on the sidewalk increase the risk of injury for pedestrians and bikers. Depending on how big of a hurry the driver is in, they may not notice individuals nearby and could hit somebody while trying to park. Risk of injury is also possible if a pedestrian or biker is forced to ride or walk on the street because the sidewalk is occupied.
  2. Prevent repeat offenses.
    Individuals often take shortcuts because they know they can get away with it. By issuing a ticket for parking on the sidewalk, drivers will be more apprehensive about taking the chance again in the future to avoid the fine.
  3. Improve community experience.
    When vehicles are parked on the sidewalk, it makes it difficult for others to walk freely down the sidewalk. When residents can’t enjoy their community experience, they are likely to complain about it. If visitors to your area experience this, they will be less likely to return for future events and outings.
  4. Increase revenue.
    While parking tickets are often looked at as a nuisance, they increase community revenue. Municipalities rely on this cash flow to make improvements and maintain parking areas, which is usually done by investing in better parking technology.
  5. It’s illegal.
    In most areas, parking on the sidewalk is illegal. If you want to show the community that you plan to hold residents accountable to the laws, you need to ticket for parking on the sidewalk.

If your community is struggling to create an efficient ticketing strategy, contact the office at Complus Data Innovations. We offer several parking management software options for communities!