Mobile Parking Solutions: How Do They Work?

As an organization in charge of parking management, parking complaints are seldomly new. A common struggle for municipalities is effectively managing tickets and payments while maintaining a positive relationship with residents. Circling the block multiple times in a city or downtown area to find a parking spot is one of the biggest complaints that drivers have. This can be incredibly frustrating if they are trying to attend a scheduled local event. One way that municipalities can improve local parking management is by adopting a mobile parking solution.

A mobile parking solution allows drivers to reserve and pay for parking spaces and tickets on their phone. Since the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 5 billion this year, the adaptation of mobile parking solutions has been well received in communities across the country.

Benefits of Mobile Parking Solutions

If your community is still debating whether or not to invest in mobile parking solutions, there are several benefits to consider.

1. Increase consumer satisfaction.

In this case, consumers are the drivers looking for places to park in your municipality. When they are frustrated with not being able to find a spot or having to pay a parking ticket because of illegal parking, one of the first things they’ll do is complain. Complaints like these can rapidly spread thanks to today’s use of social media and quickly create a negative reputation for your municipality.

However, mobile parking solutions let drivers search for available parking spaces from their phone and reserve them in advance. Having the capability to do this ahead of time lessens the chance that drivers will be unhappy and increases overall satisfaction.

2. Decrease time invested.

Some municipalities just don’t have enough resources to process the continuous stream of tickets, payments, and questions about parking. Mobile parking solutions decrease the amount of time your employees need to invest in each of these steps by transferring the effort to the driver instead.

3. Improve cash flow.

Collecting ticket payments in a timely fashion is vital to keep revenue flowing for your city or municipality. By giving drivers a way to self-pay, you can improve the turnaround time on receiving payments and maintain a positive cash flow.

4. Better organizational culture.

Finally, mobile parking solutions help to improve the overall culture within your community. When employees struggle to keep up with processing, phone calls, and complaints, they can quickly start to resent their job. As their workload begins to lessen or become more manageable, the stress will ease and create a more positive environment.

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