Parking Lot Construction Is A Thing Of The Past

When drivers find themselves circling through a lot in hopes of finding a parking spot, frustration can occur – especially if they have an appointment to make. When this is an ongoing struggle for municipalities or cities, parking attendants often hear the brunt of the complaints, causing stress instead of an enjoyable workday. Parking lot construction may be the first idea proposed to create new parking spaces, but it isn’t the only available option.

Avoid Parking Lot Construction with These Solutions

  1. Partner with neighboring businesses and organizations.
    Are there other local businesses or organizations with available space in their parking lots or garages during your business hours? Contact these organizations to propose a shared parking strategy. A shared parking strategy allows you to use their spaces when needed, and they can utilize yours as needed. If co-sharing is not an option, leasing parking spaces at high demand hours is another alternative.
  2. Utilize all available space.
    Take advantage of the back spaces of parking lots, or unused grassy areas around the lot. Consider paving these areas and adding parking spaces to help during high demand times.
  3. Change the parking fee structure.
    When was the last time you reviewed parking or meter rates? If you can’t keep up with parking demands, it may mean that parking fees are too low. While not everybody will be open to increased parking fees, some individuals will consider alternative methods, such as riding a bike, walking, or using public transportation.
  4. Implement a demand-based parking strategy.
    Some cities have found success in implementing a demand-based parking strategy, where prices fluctuate depending on the need. When big events are happening, drivers will pay more than when there’s no event. The fee also varies depending on how close individuals park to the event. Drivers can even reserve spots by pre-paying in advance, which cuts down on frustrations.
  5. Reorganize existing spaces.
    What worked five years ago may not work today, which means municipalities should review the parking layout every few years to adjust. As drivers look to save on gas, there are more compact cars on the road. Having designated areas for compact or smart cars, and motorcycles – allows you to repaint lines and fit more cars on the lot.

If your municipality is struggling with an influx of parking citations due to inadequate space, consider these alternatives to parking lot construction. Complus Data Innovations helps cities and municipalities better manage citation enforcement. Contact our office today to learn more!