Quick Fixes For Parking Management Software

The need to simplify and streamline a parking management strategy continues to grow. This growing need is mainly based on an increased number of cars on the road. Cities with the most activity feel this the most, as they often don’t have enough manpower to keep up with monitoring parking, writing citations, processing tickets, and following up with outstanding balances due. The continued struggle convinced many cities and municipalities to turn to parking management software for assistance.

Parking management software helps streamline the process of citations from beginning to end – getting rid of the paper trail and potential for mistakes in the process. Cities that have replaced traditional tactics with parking management software see many benefits and fewer mistakes.

Mistakes Fixed By Parking Management Software

By implementing parking management software, municipalities can easily correct for these four mistakes.

  1. Undecipherable handwriting.
    When attendants write parking tickets by hand, the risk is tickets could be thrown out in court if the handwriting is not legible. In fact, around 10% of tickets can’t be held up in court due to mistakes and illegible handwriting. When you use parking management software, attendants can create and print tickets from a handheld computer, eliminating the chance of mistakes.
  2. Inability to keep up with notices.
    The right way to notify violators depends on the state in which they reside. It is challenging to know every law and stay in compliance with them along the way. Parking management software automatically generates notices including past due reminders that are compliant with state and federal laws.
  3. Not enough resources.
    Many cities and municipalities across the country are under budget constraints, preventing them from hiring an adequate number of employees. Without enough team members, offices struggle with managing incoming calls and processing payments in a timely fashion. Investing in parking management software gives you access to the necessary tools, including an online portal, and a pay-by-phone feature for violators to submit payments, cutting down on an internal backlog.
  4. Lack of cash flow.
    When cities lack the resources to keep up with processing tickets and payments, cash flow suffers because money isn’t being deposited quickly. Parking management software streamlines each of the touchpoints in the ticketing process, resulting in payments reaching your bank account more quickly.

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