These Parking Enforcement Strategies Could Use a Revamp

While the challenges of enforcing parking have dramatically increased, the technology surrounding parking enforcement has also greatly improved. There is no reason that parking enforcement should not be up to date with the latest methods and processes.

Outdated Parking Enforcement Processes

The traditional methods used to enforce parking are not only expensive, but they are also dependent on human labor. If you are not using an integrated system that easily identifies vehicles violating parking laws, it’s your personnel that is monitoring cars on foot. Physically, they check whether the car has exceeded time paid at a meter and write out citations by hand.

On the other hand, electronic tickets are written with devices that don’t have access to updates in real-time. While parkers may loathe parking enforcers, the reality is that only a small percentage of violations are written this way. If it is in a municipality where officers are required to chalk tires, they may have to do so four times before they can write a citation. Overall, this outdated process is time-consuming and can lead to conflicts.

Ways to Improve Outdated Methods

Technology has improved parking enforcement in recent years. One solution cities have been relying on features a completely cloud-based program, fully integrating a Smart Parking product platform. This eliminates third-parties so you can deal with a single vendor for on street parking payments, as well as citations, permit management and enforcement of code. Payment methods that are inconvenient increase payment of citations by enabling motorists to pay their tickets. Consolidating data leads to greater operational insight and more flexibility on your behalf.

With our technology, your parking enforcement officers can locate parking meters in violation on a mobile enforcement device. This provides the ability to virtually mark license plates associated with expired meters. An Enforcement Management System allows access to information on citations for the city and the public. Old chalk markings turn into digital databases where violations are displayed on a screen.

If you think your parking enforcement practices need an update, please contact us so we can improve the efficiency of your parking management software. At Complus, we are here to help.