How Mobile Parking Apps Have Affected Modern Drivers

Mobile is taking over all aspects of the digital world – including parking. To avoid the stress of fumbling for change and navigating a parking meter, mobile parking apps are sweeping the parking game.

The majority of the population no longer pays for daily necessities with bills and coins. Everything has gone digital. Virtual wallets are made available on smartphones – why not transition parking payments as well? Complus Data Innovations continues to make it easier for cities to manage the enforcement of mobile payments.

Updates Made Easy

Paying through mobile allows drivers to easily add time to their designated space without the hassle of running out to the meter each time it runs out. Not only that, this mobile parking solution will send a message to the designated mobile device, alerting the driver when their payment is nearing expiry.

Keep Driver in Check

In a sea of cars, it can be difficult for drivers to remember where they parked. Tickets will rack up if they don’t make it to their vehicle in time. Luckily, with Complus Data Innovations’ help, this will never be a problem again. Mobile parking solutions will send an alert straight to the driver’s phone, reminding them where their car was last parked.

Benefit Surrounding Businesses

If your city is known to be a bustling area with a multitude of passersby, implementing this parking solution can also benefit your local business reputation. We can implement smart technology that notifies the driver about popular restaurants and businesses located in proximity to their parked car.

Mobile parking applications are a popular, hassle-free route to a smooth and unified parking experience. Drivers in your town will appreciate the convenience and usability of a mobile-integrated payment system. For more information on this new feature soon to launch under Complus Data Innovations, reach out to our team of parking experts today.