Enforce These Parking Rules In Your Area

After years of experience, many drivers begin to forget extremely vital safety components. Although parking regulation often seems straight forward, there are many precautions to take into account. As a municipality, managing parking laws and safety can begin to get overwhelming. Brush up on your parking knowledge with these four parking rules outlined by the experts at Complus Data Innovations.

Plates must be properly displayed.

All cars must have both a front and back license plate. If your municipality is located in AL,AZ, AR, DE, FL, GA, IN, KS, KY, LA, MI, MS, NM, NC, OK, PA, SC, TN, or WV, only back license plate visibility is required. Plates must be no higher than 48 inches from the ground and no lower than 12. Glass, plastic, dirt, or any other external factors cannot interfere with the license plate visibility.

Registration stickers must be visible and valid.

Going along with license plate visibility, all legally parked vehicles must also have updated registration stickers if residing in state that requires it. These stickers must be properly displayed on the car’s dashboard window. If a car displays their registration inside of their dashboard window, or the sticker is not visible at all, it could be subject to ticketing.

Keep parking meters up-to-date.

Parking meters are a great way to enforce parking payments and limit overcrowding. Make sure your town’s parking lots are properly equipped with an ample amount of parking meters and payment options. Complus Data Innovations can assist your municipality in implementing pay-by-plate or pay-by-phone technology in populated parking lots, or ticket management software to keep track of those cars that fail to properly pay.

Mark areas with curb paint and signs.

To designate permissible parking areas, make sure you use proper markings. Drivers need painted curbs where parking is prohibited and informative signs that designate allowed parking times. Not only will these markings help drivers know where to park, it will also help your municipal workers properly ticket or tow cars that are parked in the wrong regions.

Enforcing these parking rules is important to your municipality. Stay mindful of these tips to ensure your citizens are remaining compliant and safe. To learn more about parking limitations, or to receive information about proper parking ticket management, reach out to the team at Complus Data Innovations.