Winter Parking Is Tricky. We’re Here to Help.

Winter is in full swing, and the temperature only continues to drop. With that comes undesirable amounts of snow, wind, and ice. Parking can become increasingly difficult in this type of weather. Check out these winter parking tips to keep parking laws enforced and drivers safe.

Winter Parking Bans.

Winter parking bans are designed to keep streets safe during dangerous snow storms. Typically municipalities will put a ban on street parking throughout their city during inclement weather. Cars should be prohibited to park on the street during the hours of 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. – or a reasonable time around that period. Keeping cars off the curb allows plows and salt trucks to easily drive through the streets and clear the roads for pedestrians.

Towing and Booting.

Cars that interfere with winter street clearance should be towed or booted. Enforcing winter parking laws is extremely important because emergency vehicles and snow removal trucks need to be able to easily get in and out of populated roads. While this may become inconvenient to drivers, it will greatly benefit their safety.

Ticket Enforcement.

Ticketing is essential for winter parking safety. If a car is illegally parked, it will likely interfere with other driver’s ability to navigate the icy roads. Fortunately, Complus Data Innovation’s software allows municipalities to track the tickets issued for parking violations, identify registered owners, and communicate applicable fees and parking best practices.

Don’t be afraid to enforce winter parking restrictions. If laws are not properly backed, civilians have a heightened risk of endangering themselves in the treacherous winter weather. Complus Data Innovations will help keep both rules enforced and pedestrians safe.

Ultimately, safe winter parking conditions come from staying mindful of your surroundings and taking precaution in affected areas. For more information from the parking experts, contact Complus Data Innovations. We’re helping to streamline municipal payment solutions, easing the days of citizens and municipal employees alike.