Stay Up-To-Date with The Latest Parking Ticket Statistics

In the world of parking management, parking tickets hold the most surprising statistics. An increasing number of parking tickets are issued each year, raising the need for effective management and payment services. As we begin this new year, take a look at 2018’s end-of-year parking ticket statistics.

  • Overall parking ticket hearings in the New York City area grew by 22% from the FY 2017 to FY 2018
  • In New York City alone, over 11.7 million parking tickets were issued in total.
  • There was a notable increase in the number of hearing requested online, meaning more citizens are opting for a quicker, digital route.
  • The turnaround time for an in-person parking ticket hearing was 11 minutes, two minutes faster than the previous years.

These notable parking ticket statics show that there is a trend toward efficiency and optimization. Although the number of hearings and tickets show a drastic influx from previous years, people are looking for faster and easier ways to manage these fees. NYC Mayor’s Office of Operations department even included a new category to factor into parking ticket statistics for the year of 2018. This category, “Pay or Dispute App Transactions” will take into account the number of people using a mobile service to manage their parking ticket hearings. This mobile trend aligns with the need to be quick, simple, and undisruptive to a citizen’s day.

While these parking ticket statistics may seem shocking, they truly come as no surprise to the professionals at Complus Data Innovations. Over the years, we have witnessed in the exponentially increasing number of parking violations, and the dramatic need to quickly and efficiently handle hearings and payment. Municipalities deserve an effective means of handling disputes. With our help, municipal buildings will no longer be bogged down by the influx of in-person requests. Contact our team to learn how our streamlined solutions can be integrated into your civil solutions.